Oryx (Founding Membership)

Oryx Members Receive the Following Benefits: 

  • Nomination of Chairman, President, or CEO to sit on USQBC’s Board of Advisors and option for senior executive to be nominated to sit on USQBC’s Board of Directors (Optional)*
  • Priority opportunity to meet senior US and Qatari government officials
  • Priority for meetings with USQBC’s President and Managing Director
  • Priority opportunity to co-host USQBC events, including for visiting delegations, and priority notice on sponsorship opportunities
  • Invitations to private receptions for visiting delegations
  • Ability to sponsor USQBC events, including for visiting delegations
  • Invitations to attend USQBC events, roundtable discussions, and networking opportunities
  • Guaranteed priority seating at USQBC events
  • Preferred seating at USQBC events
  • Invitations to speak at USQBC events, roundtable discussions, and networking opportunities, occasionally alongside a visiting delegation
  • Host and sponsor webinars and seminars for USQBC’s network
  • 100 hours of gratis research, consulting, and business advisory services and discounted rates for extended services**
  • Advocacy on behalf of your company with US and Qatari government agencies
  • Business Services:
    • Invitations to USQBC business networking events and roundtables
    • Introductions to and meetings with trade missions and individual company visits
    • Matchmaking opportunities
    • Access USQBC’s membership network
    • Coordinate meetings with other member companies on behalf of your company
    • Counseling on in-country business processes and culture
  • 50 Free print-copies of USQBC’s Biannual Publication***
  • 50 Free print-copies of USQBC’s Business Guide***
  • Free digital-copies of USQBC’s Biannual Publication***
  • Free digital-copies of USQBC’s Business Guide***
  • Publish articles to the USQBC network via “The Weekly Brief” and “In the Know” announcements that are delivered to a wide audience of experts in the field (Eight Times Per Quarter)
  • Promotion of company-related news on USQBC’s website and social media profiles  (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook)
  • Press release introducing membership, posted to USQBC’s website and social media profiles and pushed to the USQBC network via e-blast
  • Complimentary subscription to The Weekly Brief & USQBC Announcements
  • Complimentary Subscription to USQBC’s “In the Know”
  • Access to the members only section on USQBC’s website
*The Board of Advisors and the Board of Directors is USQBC’s governing body. A seat on the Board grants companies the ability to determine the direction of the Council. Seats on the Board of Advisors and Board of Directors will be granted upon the approval of the sitting Board.
**Please refer to USQBC’s Business Consulting Services document for more details on hourly rates upon completion of gratis research
***USQBC’s Biannual Publication and semiannual Business Guide are currently in production and plan to be introduced in 2017. They will be the premier publications for the US-Qatari business community and will be published throughout the US and Qatar.

Membership is available to any corporation or organization registered in the United States and/or Qatar. For more information please email programs@usqbc.org or call our offices at +1 (202) 457-8555. The below documents detail USQBC's membership benefits and we have included an application that may be emailed or faxed for your convenience. 

The US-Qatar Business Council offers the following membership levels: