USQBC Managing Director Mr. Mohammed Barakat Joins the DesignIntelligence Built Environment Global Supercast

Jun 10, 2021

DesignIntelligence interacts with thousands of built environment professionals and academics each month through its publications, events, research, and advisory services. The organization is intent on articulating transformative understanding gleaned from the many months of introspective isolation and wholly new patterns of interaction.

On June 10th, DesignIntelligence hosted the Global SuperCast webinar to delve into these themes.

The SuperCast featured leading voices in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, European Union, Middle East, and China. Mr. Mohammed Barakat, USQBC's Managing Director discussed the following themes:

- What lessons did you observe and adopt coming through the pandemic regarding the built environment industry?

What do you predict to be the permanent changes in your region that the industry will adopt in the post-pandemic world?

At DesignIntelligence we hold that equity, healthiness, and the environment are inextricably linked. How do you see planners/architects/engineers/constructors in your region functionally applying such thinking to the work of the built environment industry moving forward?