USQBC Hosts Webinar on Doing Business in Qatar

As part of our increased efforts to grow the US-Qatar business community and provide valuable services to our members, USQBC held a webinar on August 31, 2016. This was the first live webinar of a series the Council plans to host. This webinar titled “Doing Business in Qatar: The Business Climate & Opportunities for American Companies” was conducted by the Council’s Managing Director, Mohammed Barakat, with the assistance of Market Research Manager Max McGee. Mr. Barakat described the best methods for American companies to engage in the Qatari market and which sectors have the most potential for growth.   “Informational webinars such as this one provide invaluable information for American businesses who seek to engage in this essential bilateral relationship,” said the President of the US-Qatar Business Council, Ambassador Patrick Theros who also delivered introductory remarks for the webinar.   The Council’s Managing Director, Mohammed Barakat commented that “Qatar has consistently demonstrated its determination to be one of our strongest allies in the region, and the US-Qatar Business Council steadfastly works to strength this prosperous relationship.”   The US-Qatar Business Council plans to conduct many more webinars in the future, and we are open to suggestions concerning topics for future webinars.   View this webinar in full at