Orbit Holdings, LLC

Website: http://orbitholdings.com/

Falcon Member

Orbit Holdings, LLC is a global investment advisory firm that galvanizes and leverages significant financial and intellectual capital, and global strategic public-private partnerships to profitably and sustainably address humanity’s most pressing challenges at scale – climate change, food, energy and natural resource waste, and protecting nature and the environment. 

As an opportunistic global investment firm, Orbit is active in structured cold storage and cold logistics, real estate, and critical infrastructure investments. Orbit and its wide range of global financial and strategic partners are engaged in markets seeking significant Foreign Direct Investment (“FDI”) within industry sectors where institutional capital has been slow or unable to participate due to real and perceived political, social, and economic risks. Orbit-related opportunities are typically overlooked by traditional institutional investors as they require both tremendous research and deploying innovative solutions to mitigate financial and market risk required to deliver outsized financial, civic and social returns.

Orbit is committed to advancing the UN SDGs and addressing global climate, reducing GHG emissions, reducing coal usage and the wasting of valuable scare natural resources supporting the global transition to a low carbon future.