Education in Qatar

Qatar’s population consists mostly of adolescence and young adults; therefore, there is an increased demand for education both on the national and non-national level. Qatar is adamant in providing the most advanced methods of education as a host country for students from a variety of backgrounds. The American School of Doha (ASD) is one example where there is a commitment to empowering students to become positive, active global citizens from grades Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12. Most western ex-patriots have their children enrolled at ASD, providing an excellent level of cultural integration in the learning environment.

In regards to higher education, Qatar Foundation actively sought after the development and establishment of Education City a center for modern institutions in Qatar. With assistance from the Council, Qatar Foundation was able to attract American Universities that have opened satellite locations including:

Carnegie Mellon University – Business Administration, Computer Science & Information Systems
Cornell Weill University, Medical College
Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service
Texas A&M University, School of Science
Virginia Commonwealth University, School of Art

Education City also houses primary and secondary students from Qatar Academy, Qatar Leadership Academy, Academic Bridge Program and the Learning Center. The campus of Education City provides cutting edge technology for all of the schools and range from academics, residential living areas, sports, science and other facilities.